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The leading corporation in the market
for artificial turf,

KOLON GLOTECH’s artificial turf is the finest artificial turf,
with its excellent quality guaranteed through KOLON’s advanced technology
and direct production in KOLON’s factory.
The quality of KOLON’s artificial turf is fully proven by its KS certificate,
Q Mark quality certification, utility patent, KISS Certificate for the first time in Korea,
as well as an FIFA certificate FIH certificate and ITF certificate for the first time in Asia.
KOLON’s artificial turf has been selected as a world-class product by
the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in recognition of its excellent quality.


POLYETHYLENE back coatings

Implementation of the pinnacle of eco-friendly products, POLYETHYLENE back coatings
We use the same materials for our artificial turf’s pile and back coating!
KOLON GLOTECH invented the world’s first technology for back coating using polyethylene. Our artificial turf has reached the pinnacle of eco-friendly products, which is proven by the first acquisition of the Green Technology Certificate in Korea

recycling system

Implementation of artificial turf recycling system for recycling of resources
KOLON GLOTECH introduced a recycling system to recycle disused artificial turf that is past its useful life.
KOLON presents a new paradigm in the artificial-turf industry by perfectly implementing the idea of recycling resources in the replacement process of artificial turf.

manufacturing system

Thorough management of the manufacturing system
KOLON GLOTECH pursues the best efficiency by thorough division of labor during the manufacturing process of artificial turf.
The best experts in manufacturing work for KOLON GLOTECH to produce the best-quality products.